ACT Writing Test : Sample Questions and Scoring 2007

ACT Writing Test : Sample Questions and Scoring 2007

here are some could be the Writing Test prompt through the 2007 ACT pupil planning internet site and six test responses to that particular prompt also from that web site ( The amount of this responses range between 1 (the best) to 6 (the greatest).

once you’ve examined the test reactions, have a look at the folder labeled “ACT Scoring recommendations” for a listing of requirements for every associated with the known quantities of reaction.

Test Prompt

Encourages utilized for the ACT Writing Test will:

  • explain a problem highly relevant to high school pupils
  • ask examinees to publish about their viewpoint regarding the problem

Being a place to start, two various perspectives in the problem will likely to be supplied. Examinees may want to support one of these brilliant views or even to develop an answer according to their very own viewpoint.

Educators debate expanding school that is high 5 years as a result of increasing needs on pupils from companies and universities to take part in extracurricular tasks and community service as well as having high grades. Some educators help expanding school that is high 5 years simply because they think pupils require additional time to attain all of that is anticipated of those. Other educators try not to support expanding senior high school to 5 years simply because they think pupils would lose fascination with college and attendance would drop when you look at the 5th 12 months. In your viewpoint, should school that is high extended to 5 years?

In your essay, just just simply take a position on this concern. You might write on just one regarding the two points of view provided, or perhaps you may provide a various perspective with this concern. Utilize particular reasons and examples to guide your role.

The conventional instructions in the paragraph that is second is likely to be a element of all prompts utilized on the Writing Test.

Rating = 1

Wen this specific article I have always been currently talking about that college ought to be extended for five 12 months. I believe that college ought to be extended for five 12 months since it will allow you to the method that you are educate. The institution for five will help you a lot when you are doing something year. The college for five 12 months can help you in many precisely what you are carrying out. I believe that if pay a visit to college for 5 years you might discover lots of abilities. Class may help you out of many such a thing that you should do these days. Class could coach you on how exactly to be educator. When you go to school is a great thing because if you are going to school it might assist have experience with precisely what you do. To own experience you to definitely accomplish that thing you do most readily useful and exactly how well you will do at it. I do believe that college could educate you on just how to have expertise in anything you are performing. I am aware that to visit college you need to choice to visit college because no one will make you visit college. I am aware that college aren’t for everybody but i believe that each and every kids is going to college because if you do not head to college you’ll not be educate. I understand that after you’ve got a training it really is a thing that is good. Class is an accepted spot making it possible to discover plenty of various you don’t understand. I am aware that We learn plenty of thing We d ?> usa . In school you are doing classwork and do all sort of project your instructor told you to definitely do. I think doing homework that each pupils should desire to be educator because you’ll need training these days. Class really should not be an accepted spot where pupils battles. I do believe that each learning pupils should like planning to college.

Scoring explanation

This essay shows skill that is little giving an answer to the writing task.

As the author takes a posture from the problem in the very beginning of the essay (i do believe that college must certanly be extended for five 12 months since it can help you the way you are educate), all of those other discussion will not convey reasons why you should help that place. Rather, the author minimally develops numerous ideas that are different school generally speaking, saying tips as opposed to describing them (School is a location where you are able to discover plenty of various you don’t understand. I’m sure I didn’t know but I know them) that I learn a lot of thing. From time to time, statements supporting claims aren’t understandable (when you go to college is a great thing because that you are doing if you go to school it could help have experience in everything. To possess experience you to definitely do this thing you do most readily useful and exactly how well you are doing at it).

There’s absolutely no discernable company to the essay except that a small basic statement: tips aren’t logically grouped, no transitions are utilized, with no summary emerges. Phrase word and structure option are regularly easy, with sentences repeatedly you start with, “we think” or “I’m sure.”

Language usage mistakes are often distracting and play a role in difficulty understanding some portions of this essay.

Rating = 2

Should you ever ask a highschool pupil whether or not they may wish to get an additional 12 months not many would say yes. I would personally, maybe perhaps maybe not because We like college, maybe not because i love investing six hours cooped up in, but because i really could utilize an additional 12 months to simply be certain i will be completely ready for university. In addition to this personally i think that because we have been expected to simply take grade that is tenth make sure nearly all of our tenth grade year is invested finding your way through this test.

Highschool pupils today are very ready when it comes to globe, but that certain year that is extra twelfth grade may be invested using time on preparatory courses in college kind environment. Pupils have thrown to the university setting that will be a shock that is major them as a result of major distinctions. Possibly achieving this our freshmen’s first quarter would not be just as much of a change.

We don’t learn anything that year because we have to take the graduation test in tenth grade. We are in need of another 12 months because of that, therefore we should go yet another 12 months to ensure we’re prepared.

Scoring explanation

This essay shows inconsistent skill in giving an answer to the job. A position is taken by the writer but shows no recognition of the counter-argument to that particular place.

Growth of a few ideas is slim with basic statements to describe the initial concept (Students get tossed in to the university environment that will be a significant surprise for them as a result of the major distinctions) and extremely small description associated with the second concept (Because we must make the graduation test in tenth grade we do not discover something that year).

There is certainly some indicator of an structure that is organizational a discernible introduction provides two a few ideas, with every talked about with its very very very own paragraph. The final outcome is minimal rather than demonstrably divided from conversation associated with author’s 2nd concept (we want another 12 months as a result of that, therefore we is going yet another 12 months to ensure we’re ready). Transitions are easy (but, because).

Syntax shows some variety (I would personally, maybe perhaps not because I love college, perhaps not because i love investing six hours cooped up in, but because i possibly could make use of yet another 12 months to simply make sure i will be entirely ready for university) and term option is acceptable towards the discussion (cooped up inside, preparatory courses, freshmen’s very first quarter).

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